Boca Raton, FL

3011 Yamato Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33497


Welcome to Boca Raton

What’s not to love about Boca Raton? Known for its golf courses, parks, and beaches, this coastal city in the sunshine state is the epitome of resort-style living. To add to the fun and relaxing experience, ChillN Nitrogen Ice Cream shop is excited to offer a delicious way to help you cool down.

From the hands of scientists to the mouths of boca.

At Chill-N Boca Raton, we spend the weekends whipping up and flash-freezing your perfect bowl of ice cream, and the rest of the week preparing to launch our discoveries for all the galaxy to enjoy. When you visit our ice cream shop, you can have a bowl of the freshest, made-to-order ice cream, made right in front of you, in just six simple steps.

  1. Pick your base — ice cream, tart yogurt, frozen yogurt, or coconut milk.
  2. Pick a flavor - Vanilla, cake batter, or Nutella, to name just a few (see the complete list here.
  3. Add in some mix-n’s — honey, peanuts, or even Pop Tarts! Check out the Periodic Table of Flavors for all of the choices.
  4. We will mix it,
  5. Then, watch in wonder, while we use liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze it.
  6. Delight in the taste of the smoothest, creamiest, freshest ice cream this side of Earth has to offer.  

Whatever is on your agenda this week, take a few minutes to stop in and create your new favorite treat.  

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Ice cream is the undisputed champion of foods in the hot summer months. Nothing tastes quite as good as ice cream after a day at the beach, after a baseball game, or just when you’re lounging around your home.  Chill N Nitrogen Ice Cream in Boca Raton makes custom-order ice cream using liquid nitrogen for the smoothest, best-tasting ice cream ever invented. Our ice cream is made with only the freshest of ingredients, locally sources when possible, are used. No flavored syrups in here!


Through flash-freezing, Chill-N ice cream is made to order as you watch the entire process, smoke and all. If you’re in the mood for a superb liquid nitrogen ice cream shop that can’t be beat, visit Chill N Nitrogen Ice Cream in Boca Raton today!

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