South Miami, FL

7316 SW 57th Ave. South Miami, FL 33143

Bienvenidos A (Sur de) Miami!

It is common knowledge that South Miami is one of the coolest cities in all of Miami-Dade County, Florida, and dare we say (and, we do) America. Know what makes it even cooler? Being home to a Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream shop. Nestled in downtown South Miami near the Shops at Sunset Place, we offer the students, families, and tourists a deliciously entertaining option for cooling down on those hot Miami nights — all 360 of them!

At Chill-N of South Miami, we spend the weekends creating your dream ice cream and the rest of the week researching delicious additions. When you visit our ice cream shop, you can have a bowl of fresh, made-to-order ice cream, just the way you want it.

Whatever the occasion, whatever your mood, we invite you to stop in and let us whip (and flash-freeze) up a unique concoction just for you!

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