Coral Springs, FL

4356 North State Rd. 7 Coral Springs, FL 33073

Come for the air conditioning, stay for the liquid nitrogen.

Coral Springs offers everything under the sun to its residents and guests. And, we do mean, everything! At ChillN Ice Cream of Coral Springs, we are proud to help Coral Springs keep this title by providing this small town in the Florida Everglades with the freshest, creamiest ice cream South of the Mason-Dixon line.

When you stop by our unique ice cream shop, you get more than just a bowl full of the smoothest made-to-order ice cream, you get a full eyes-on experience. Your ice cream is picked by you and then mixed and flash frozen by us.

At Chill-N of Coral Springs, we are committed to presenting you with the perfect bowl of ice cream — whatever that means to you. When you visit our ice cream shop, we will concoct your unique flavor, made-to-order.

We are so sure that you’ll love our ice cream, we invite you to come down and challenge us on it!

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