CHILL-N Party Box

Turn any party into a Chill-N party! We may be slightly biased on our super-science tendencies, but we think that there is no party like a Chill-N party. Kids ages 12 months to 112 years love ice cream, and that’s a scientific fact. So, why not enhance your celebration with our Chill-N Party Box!


Starting at $6 per person
Selection of 2 flavors and 4 Mix-N’s


Starting at $7 per person
Selection of 3 flavors and 6 Mix-N’s


Starting at $8 per person
Selection of 4 flavors and 8 Mix-N’s

What you get

Size Small (6oz)
$7.00 Each + Tax

Sold in 10-packs (Same Flavor w/ up to 2 Mix-n’s)
Minimum order – One 10-pack

Sold 2 Flavor Options with up to 2 Mix-N’s
Minimum order – 40 Ice Creams
‍Delivery Fees Apply - Based on Location
‍48 Hour Notice Required

Please note: prices shown are estimated and do not include variable travel costs.

Have a Chill-N Party Box at you next event!

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Ain't No Party Like a Nitrogen Party!

Celebrating life events is supposed to be an exciting experience, full of joy. And, what brings more joy than ice cream? At Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream, we love to help bring joy to celebrations, which is why we offer catering services for parties. Here are just a few taste tests of parties we’ve entertained.

Kid's Birthday Party and Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Young children’s (and their parent’s) lives revolve around birthday parties. It may seem like there is one every weekend, and each kid wants to feel special and offer a party that is the coolest. You know, the birthday party that will launch their social standing and be remembered, or just attended by their crush.

Let us offer a delicious treat, entertainment, and a science lesson to the kids and your kid’s birthday party! The kids will be excited that they get to pick their own flavors and you can be excited that we take care of the setup, serving, and clean up!

Family Reunion

Know what says “we’re related” better than matching reunion t-shirts? Similar preferences in ice cream, or genes. It probably has more to do with genes than ice cream. But, speaking of genetics and science, liquid nitrogen, flash-frozen ice cream is pretty neat.

Made-to-order, fresher-than-your-brand-new-niece ice cream or frozen yogurt is a great ice breaker, conversation piece, and entertainment that is fun for even the most awkward family reunion. Use your family tree to create unique flavor and mix-n combinations when you let ChillN cater an ice cream bar at your family reunion. And, not to worry, we have lactose-free options for Uncle Ned, vegan options for Cousin Harley, and plenty of variety to suit anyone’s topping preferences.


We aren’t sure why, but the old tradition stands that people smush cake into each other’s faces on their wedding day to express their love for each other. And, then, they freeze the lop tier of their layered cake to eat on their one-year anniversary. We are ready to challenge that tradition and offer a much more entertaining and delicious option!

At Chill-N, we don’t freeze the ice cream until you are ready to eat it, so the long speeches that your loved ones will make won’t spoil your treat. And, our ice cream flavors can match your wedding colors. Additionally, use the amazement of science-based ice cream to thwart the awkward conversations with extended family. Have a nitrogen ice cream bar at your wedding and people are sure to remember the reception for years to come.

Gender REveal Party

Who loves ice cream more than pregnant women? You’d be hard-pressed to find someone, but we can also bet that her guests at her gender reveal party will also love it. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

As with most gender reveal parties, your guests will likely be placing bids or making bets about team girl or team boy. We think it is a fun game to let people select their ice cream to reflect their guesses; maybe make it fun by letting them guess the name with the flavor formula? How do you think Lemonjello became a name? ...Pregnancy cravings!

Pb+Hy+Mw = team girl.
Dl+Cd+Kd = team boy.

Okay, so you probably shouldn’t let us name your kids, but, you get it.

If we have piqued your interest, stop by and give us a try, or fill out the form for an obligation-free quote. We look forward to catering your next big event!

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