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Chill-n nitrogen ice cream
Franchising Opportunities

Bring the experience and deliciousness of Chill-N Ice Cream to your local community

Why franchise with us

Traditional ice cream manufacturers produce ice cream in batches of thousands of gallons and dump multiple 5-gallon pails of “base flavoring”, an artificially engineered flavoring substance, into each batch.  

Miami-based Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream was one of the first liquid nitrogen ice cream shops in the country. We make our ice cream with liquid nitrogen because it undoubtedly makes a better product. A Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream batch is only 6 or 8 ounces and we use raw inputs as flavoring, on demand. That is, we freeze and flavor every serving as it’s ordered, right in front of you. We use real Nutella, real peanut butter, real Dulce de Leche, and the result will leave you never wanting traditional ice cream again.




HOURS OF Operation

MON-THU 2:00-10:00pm
FRI 2:00-11:00pm
SAT 12:00- 11:00pm
SUN 12:00-10:00pm

store size

800-1,000 Square Feet



Median Operating profit

$125,039 / 21.56%

Median LABOR


Median COGS




Franchise Fee

$39,000 Single Unit
$69,000 2 Units
$89,000 3 Units

local Advertising


Business investment

$334,078 to $471,164 for one unit

Financial Requirements

Net Worth:
$500,000 Single Unit; $750,000 Multi Units

Liquid Capital:
$100,000 Single Unit; $200,000 Multi Units


As a Chill-N franchisee, you will receive multiple business benefits, including:

✔ Real Estate/Site Selection

✔ Store Build-Out/Construction

✔ Equipment Purchasing Packages

✔ Professional Manuals

✔ Training Systems

✔ Accounting Outsource Services

✔ Point of Sale Packages

✔ Social Media Portal

✔ Marketing and Brand Development

✔ Vendor & Supplier Product Systems

✔ Proprietary Recipes

✔ Grand Opening Support

Franchise Development Support Partners

Real Estate

Construction Management

Public Relations

Training and Support

Small Business Assistance

Franchise Financing

Franchise Financing

Marketing Support

Step 1



Fill out the inquiry form to speak with a Franchise Specialist
Day 1-3

After filling out the contact form below you will speak with a franchise specialist. This 30 minute will help give an overview of our brand so you can determine if this is something that you want to learn more about.  You will receive investment & P&L information as well as available territories on this call.  We will answer any questions you have regarding financial requirements and also take the time to learn more about you and your background.

Webinar with Franchising Specialist
Day 4-11

Webinar with Franchising Specialist – The one hour webinar will go through the history of Chill-N, the competitive advantage in our model, the detailed P&L information, Information about our support partners and we also ask more questions about how you plan to operate the stores, territories interest in developing, your long term goals and why you think Chill-N would do well in your area.

Submit Personal Application & Received Franchise Disclosure Document
Day 12-26

Submit Personal Application & Received Franchise Disclosure Document – After the webinar you will receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document .  You will need to provide us an electronic receipt that you received the document.  In return we are asking that you provide a personal application for our team to review.

FDD Review
Day 27-40

FDD Review – We will want to go over the different sections in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) and address any questions you have regarding the document and the contracts you will be executing.

Validation Calls & Review
Day 41-54

Validation Calls & Review – You will be expected to contact and speak to an operator and an investor to get a sense of what life is like for Chill-N employees and investors.

Financial Application & Background Check
Day 55-61

Financial Application & Background Check – At this stage we will want to confirm your net worth and request a financial application along with conducting a background check.

Have a call with our CEO
Day 62-69

Have a call with our CEO – Before visiting corporate, our CEO would like to go over your experience going through the application process and see if there are any pending questions that you have prior to being invited to a Discovery Day.

Attend Discovery Day & Sign Franchise Agreements
Day 70-90

Attend Discovery Day & Sign Franchise Agreements – Discovery Day will be a 24 hour period where you will visit our stores and attend a dinner with the founders/owners of Chill-N.  Upon completion of the Discovery Day, the executive team will then decide if we can see you as a franchisee.  If the answer is Yes and you walk away feeling the same then we will move towards executing the Franchise Agreement within days of you visiting our offices.

Get in touch with a franchising specialist today

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Frequently asked questions

1. How much does it cost to open a single Chill-N Nitrogen store?

The total estimated initial investment necessary to begin operation of a Chill-N franchise ranges from $334,078 to $471,164.

2. Does Chill-N provide financing to assist franchisees?  

Chill-N has established relationships with two of the largest franchise lending groups in the industry that help franchisees find the best financial solution to meet their needs.

3. Can I only open one store or do I need to open multiple stores?

If you live in Florida or Georgia you may enter into a single unit development agreement.  Any candidate outside of these states would need to commit to at least developing three Chill-N stores over a period of three years.  

4. How long does it take to become a franchisee?

 From your first call to us approving you as a franchisee can take approximately 90-100 days.  

5. How long is the initial training and where is it?

Your initial training lasts 5 days and is held in Miami at our Training store and headquarters. Each franchisee is required to attend along with three employees.  The cost of the training is included in your franchise fee and the franchisee will only be responsible for Room & Board.

6. What will my royalty rate be and how often would this be paid?

Every franchisee will be required to pay a royalty rate of 6% of sales. This payment will be due weekly via ACH on Tuesday for the sales week ending the immediately preceding Sunday.

7. Do I need to find the location and build the store myself?

Chill-N has real estate partners to help find the locations in your market that meet our demographic criteria and also assist you in securing the lease with all the necessary language that we require for a Chill-N. In addition, we have partnered with a construction management company that will help build your Chill-N store on time and on budget.  All the Furniture, fixtures and equipment has been pre-negotiated to provide us a “Chill-N in a box” approach that just needs to be tweaked to the size of your store.

8. Do I have to do my own marketing to drive customers in the door?

Chill-N has a marketing agency that provides support to all our franchisees in helping them with their social media marketing. Franchisees will be expected to follow our Local marketing strategy to reach out to local businesses, churches, schools and organizations to partner with and help increase local presence.

9. What kind of support can I expect to receive as I run my business?

Chill-N provides a Chill Connect Hub online that will provide franchisees with a library of documents, training videos, recommended best-practices, and other comprehensive support.  Additionally, Chill-N will have scheduled visits to all our franchise locations by your assigned Franchise Business Manager to provide coaching and assistance with operations in addition to a live support team available from our home office.

10. What kind of ongoing training support can I expect as a franchisee?

Chill-N has implemented a virtual training platform that offers an interactive gaming style way of learning all aspects of Chill-N.  This is great for owners, managers, and team members of Chill-N, and is used for team-building and training and for when new products and procedures are rolled out to the system.


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