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Frequently asked questions

1. I haven’t heard back on my application in 2 business days, What does this mean?

Please reach out to us at and we will check into it for you.

2. Our organization is part of a school, can we participate in fundraisers?

Yes! Chill-N loves to support our local schools. We just need documentation regarding the school and payment of the fundraising donation needs to be made out to the school or to the club or organization that is affiliated with the school.

3. Can I address the check to someone’s attention?

We are unable to write a check or envelope address to anyone’s name other than the organization which you are fundraising. You can add any notes for us that we can add to help direct the check to your attention. Once the fundraiser ends, we will reach out to you and confirm the check information and any detail to be added to the memo line of the donation check.

4. How long does it take to receive my check after the fundraiser?

Our checks take about 2 weeks to process and mail out. Checks should arrive to you within 2-3 weeks after the fundraising event.

5. Can we pick up the check at the Chill-N Fundraising location?

Once your fundraising event has been completed, we will contact you to confirm the check payment information and also for confirmation of how you would like to receive the check .. via USPS mail or to pick it up at the store. All checks that are held at the store must be picked up within 30 days after confirmation, or they will be returned.

6. I want to have the check made out to me directly instead of an organization

Unfortunately, we are unable to write checks to individuals, only to organizations. We will be asking for Federal ID numbers and 5013C type forms for verification of the organization.

7. Can we promote the fundraiser at the Chill-N location?

Nope! Sorry, but all promotions must be done ahead of time and not in our stores or on the premises to our regular customers. Violating this policy may result in your fundraiser being cancelled. To make it easy and convenient, we provide you with flyers and social media collateral that we require you to use in marketing and sharing your fundraiser.

8. Can we have a booth or table at Chill-N to share information about our cause?

We are so happy to support our community and support your fundraiser and organization, but we are not able to accommodate tables, donation jars, decorations or distribution of information.

9. What do people have to do in order to have their purchase count?

In order for your supporter’s purchase to count towards your fundraiser, they just need to come out to enjoy ice cream! If they are ordering at the physical store location, they just need to show the fundraiser flyer copy or on their phone and provide the special fundraising code that was provided for your event. If they are ordering on for pickup, they just need to click on the ‘Support a Fundraiser’ tab on their order and enter the fundraising code in the notes area as specified. Please note that delivery orders or orders placed on a different day other than your fundraiser, will NOT count towards your fundraiser.

10. Can my online order count towards the fundraiser?

Yes, Online or in-app orders that are placed on your assigned fundraising date can be counted towards your event. Remember to click on the ‘Support a Fundraiser’ tab and enter the special fundraising code that was provided so that it gets attached to the fundraiser.

11. How much does Chill-N give back?

At Chill-N we give back 20% of all proceeds/sales brought in by your supporters (pre-tax). As an example, if your supporters bring in $500, we’ll send you a check for $100! On average for this, this would be about 50 supporters.

12. Do we need to staff or have team members from our organization there to facilitate the fundraiser

We don’t need staff or team members to be there during the fundraiser. Please keep in mind that the more important thing is for your supporters to show up and participate (which is how you will make the optimal donations for your organization). The most important thing that your team can do is to promote the event, and that they know that they need to mention that they are supporting the event to the cashier at the store, or enter the code with their online order.

13. Something came up! Can I reschedule?

We will try our best to work with you. Please email us at and let us know the situation. We will look at other options for a new date. We have a one-time change policy for rescheduling your event. We appreciate every effort to request a change as early as possible so we can adjust our staffing in the store.

14. How do I get my flyers and promotional materials?

We will be reaching out to you to confirm and reserve your date of the event. Once this is set, we will prepare and send materials to you within 3-5 days.

15. Can we place our organization’s logo on the fundraising flyers?

Please do not make any edits to our fundraising flyers. These are created by Chill-N with our branding requirements. We are unable to add your logo to these flyers.

16. What if I need to update something on my flyers?

Please reach out to us as soon as possible with any changes that might need to be made. Email us at and we will do our best to update as needed.

17. The fundraiser was amazing!! When can we do it again?

Due to the popularity of our fundraisers, and wanting to offer this to all our community, we do limit each organization to one fundraiser every six months. Please reach out to us at to discuss your next fundraiser.

Frequently asked questions

1. How much does it cost to open a single Chill-N Nitrogen store?

The total estimated initial investment necessary to begin operation of a Chill-N franchise ranges from $335,578 to $474,164.

2. Does Chill-N provide financing to assist franchisees?  

Chill-N has established relationships with two of the largest franchise lending groups in the industry that help franchisees find the best financial solution to meet their needs.

3. Can I only open one store or do I need to open multiple stores?

While our preference is to attract potential franchisees that have a vision to open multiple stores over the years in and around their primary market, we recognize that some franchisees may not be ready for the financial commitment to secure a larger development area.  For those franchisees we are open to discussing a single unit development agreement depending on the market.

4. How long does it take to become a franchisee?

 From your first call to us approving you as a franchisee can take approximately 90-100 days.  

5. How long is the initial training and where is it?

Your initial training lasts 5 days and is held in Miami at our Training store and headquarters. Each franchisee is required to attend along with three employees.  The cost of the training is included in your franchise fee and the franchisee will only be responsible for Room & Board.


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