Ice Cream Is Breaking Bad

Innovators in the ice cream industry are “breaking bad” and developing a chemically exceptional product.

Don’t Try This at Home!

Foods have gotten extremely trendy over the past few decades… from the popularity of the cronut and the rainbow bagel to avocado toast, people wait in line for hours to try “new-age” foods. That is, at least for a week or two. Then the excitement of eating a hybrid croissant and donut wears off and everyone goes about their life, occasionally mentioning “what was that food every freaked out about that one time? It started with a ‘cruh’ sound.” 

One food that people thought would follow the bell curve of a trend was nitrogen ice cream, but they were wrong. It seemed like a fun science experiment to watch on YouTube or a good answer to know for Tuesday’s Trivia Night. It made sense, the other trends didn’t stick around, why should nitrogen ice cream? As it turns out, nitrogen ice cream has done so well because it makes something good into something incredible, on the molecular level.

Breaking Cold

If you watched AMC’s hit television show Breaking Bad, then you’ll know it’s about a high school chemistry teacher who starts a meth lab to make money while battling terminal cancer. His knowledge and passion for chemistry allows him to create pure, long, shards of glass. What does any of this have to do with our ice cream? We’re glad you asked.

In the same way that Walter White used his knowledge of chemistry to make a scientifically superior product, we’ve done the same thing — with less of a criminal element. While traditional ice cream churning is delicious, the use of liquid nitrogen allows for the chemistry of the ice cream elements to chill simultaneously, creating a smoother, creamier taste. The consistency in chemically freezing ice cream also eliminates any possibility for human error. The ice cream is chemically engineered to be noticeably superior to ice cream made with the current popular processes. So how exactly is liquid nitrogen ice cream made? 

The Formula

Through the power of chemistry, we are able to offer you — an ice cream connoisseur, Florida resident, and summer lover — the superior treat for Chill-N out.

First, it’s important to use the right liquid base for your ice cream to make sure it tastes good. In order to get that perfect creamy, milky texture it’s best to use heavy cream for your dairy base. Add sugar for a sweet sensation and not just a bowl of strangely frozen milk. Next is the flavoring! Vanilla is a classic and easy to pair with any topping. Otherwise, this is the step where we put in whatever flavor your little heart desires in addition to your favorite toppings mixed in, like chocolate chips or sprinkles or both. Now, the fun part!

Lab Safety

Liquid nitrogen is commonly used in the food industry. It’s often used for freezing items so that they remain cold during many hours of travel! However, it’s still important to be safe when working with liquid nitrogen, much in the same way you practice safety around fire. Think about it this way: you know that fire is dangerous to touch and you certainly would never want to swallow it. However, when you cook marshmallows over a fire they’re absolutely delicious and a much better snack than cold marshmallows. Liquid nitrogen is the same as fire in this example. You wouldn’t want to eat it directly, but the food it freezes is safe, savory, and sweet to eat. 

Does all this sound tempting and tasty? Come in and try our nitrogen ice cream for yourself at a Chill-N near you! We’re a fun, relaxing ice cream laboratory where our love of science and our sweet tooth have combined to create the ultimate cooling treat.

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